Thursday, March 11, 2010

e.l.f. order to save the day

Yes, I realize this post is a bit delayed...but WHAT EVA! (:
so yesterday i was going over to my friends house to bake cookies (our favorite teacher's birthday was tomorrow) so we were giving him cookies. as we arrived at her front door there was a package waiting...and lo and behold it was from JA cosmetics! so, of course, we instantly ran inside the house screaming and head directly to her bedroom to open it up and spill the contents out onto the floor. after doing so, came time to open things, swatch things, inspect them, and shout with glee. i dont know about you, but when a package you've been expecting comes, its so exhilarating. no more waiting! your items are here! you can see them and touch them and decide for yourself whether they suffice or not! but this was a special order (technically, they all are in their own way...) but this one was special because i would finally be able to film my long awaited tutorial. sorry i havent posted a video in a while, i've been busy and also waiting for this package! i did post a little haul video so check that out if you havent seen it: i promise by saturday the video will be up and i will get back into the swing of things. adios chicas! (and chicos...i lil chico out there might be reading this, ya never know)


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