Friday, October 1, 2010

September Favorites!

Hey everyone, so I know I dont really like doing these favorites videos because theyre a little repetitive and i run out of many new products to show too quickly. But this month, since school started I really wanted to make this post for you guys! So lets get to it!

Stila Natural Beauty Palette ($22.00, Ulta) -
This palette has great neutrals, that I love wearing everyday. It's also a great mix of shimmery and matte. I love how if one pink is matte, the other pink is shimmery, and so on. The combinations are also so pretty,and theyre really pigmented!

Amazing Cosmetics Little Amazing Concealer ($28.00, Ulta/Sephora) - At $28 for .2 fl oz, this concealer can be a bit
of a wallet buster. But I was in dire need of a good concealer,
and I was feeling a little spontaneous. So I picked this guy up,
and havent regretted it since! Will I buy it again? Probably not,
just because of the price, but it really is pretty amazing. A review
will probably come soon.

BareMinerals Original Foundation with SPF 15 ($25.00, Ulta/Sephora) - I didn't actually buy this product, because as you guys may know, I don't wear foundation yet. But when I was at ulta about a month ago? they were giving out free samples. The samples included a mini foundation pot and a mini kabuki. On one of my bad skin days, I decided to give this product a go and I loved it! The kabuki is so soft and gentle, and the foundation gives the perfect amount of coverage without feeling heavy or overbearing.

Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm w/ Mango Butter ($3.00, Drugstore/Ulta) -
This lip balm has been my go-to lip balm for the past month. It's so    moisturizing and smooth, and I love the mango scent. I'm also excited to try out their other kinds, like the one with Acai Berry!

Smashbox Bionic Mascara ($19.00, Ulta/Sephora) -
This is my first non-drugstore mascara, and I have to say, I was not disappointed one bit! The brush is quite big so its very volumizing and lengthening and quite difficult to clump! Really! No problems with clumping, AT ALL. I normally dont buy expensive mascaras because after 3 months, you just gotta throw them out. But I might actually have to think about this one...

 Victoria's Secret Live Pink Sheer Fragrance Spray ($15.00, VS) -
 I seriously have been wearing this scent everyday. Its kinda of floral-y with this stronger scent to it...sorry, I'm so bad at describing frangrances! But it smells really good to me, definetely a keeper. I think I'm gonna be buying more Victoria's Secret scents very soon.

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